April 2023


Best World Short Film – Choices (Director: Ivann Willig, Brazil)
Best Feature Film – Voiceless (Director: Jonathan Placide, France)
Best Documentary Feature – Surviving Sunset An Actor’s Hollywood Journey (Director: Shaun Anthony Robinson, Australia)
Best Script (Feature Film) – MOKSHA (Writer: Saurin Lakhia, United States)
Best Script (Short Film or TV Pilot) – CHB (Writer: Jesus Gonzalez, United States)
Best Amateur Short – NQ
Best Animation Short – Sound of the Shadow (Director: Gairah Praskovia, Spain)
Best Comedy Short – What did you say?! (Director: Kiel Robinson, United Kingdom)
Best Dance Short – NQ
Best Documentary Short – Olivia (Director: Mine Balman, Cyprus)
Best Drama Short – Moving On (Director: Santiago Larrauri, Canada)
Best Experimental Short – The Seventh Seal (Director: Jacek Krawczyk, Poland)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Movie – CINNAMON (Director: Shahid Kamal, United Kingdom)
Best Horror Short – The Stay (Director: Frazer Lee, United Kingdom)
Best Lockdown Short – Love letter to Glasgow (Director: Myria Christophini, United Kingdom)
Best Micro Short – Dog House (Director: Jeremy Sladdin, United Kingdom)
Best Music Video – Smell of pain-t (Director: Damiano Rossi, Italy)
Best Romance/Romantic Short – ED: A Love Story (Director: Abraham Lopez, United States)
Best Sci-Fi Short – Pioneer (Director: Dillon Sienko, United States)
Best Smartphone Short – NQ
Best Student Short – The Price for a Princess (Director: Ryan Daly, United Kingdom)
Best Thriller Short – Hopeless (Director: Mark Galliano, United States)
Best Trailer – The Clown Statue (Director: Andretti Dante, United States)
Best TV Pilot – It’s my Fucking Story (Director: Jennifer Gartler, Austria)


Best Acting Ensemble – Stationheads (Director: Stu Gamble, Hungary)
Best Actor – Vincent De Paul (Matty Boy – Director: Dr Shahid Kamal, United Kingdom)
Best Actress – Carolina Kasting (Choices – Director: Ivann Willig, Brazil)
Best Director – Jennifer Gartler (It’s my Fucking Story, Austria)
Best Editing – Roger Dvorak (The Final Bullet, Australia)
Best Cinematography – Kennel Rógis (Choices – Director: Ivann Willig, Brazil)
Best Sound Design – Victoria Schicht, Leonie Schönfeldinger (It’s my Fucking Story – Director: Jennifer Gartler, Austria)
Best Screenplay – Shahid Kamal (Matty Boy, United Kingdom)
Best Poster – Sonia Spina (In the eyes of a child – Director: Marco Ferrara, Italy)


Pirandello’s Wife (Writer: Lynn Elliott, United States)
Layers of Lies (Director: Ramin Sohrab, Finland)
When Death Comes Knocking (Director: Danny Lopez, United States)
UNEASE (Director: Angelo Donzella, Italy)
Switch (Director: Bon Blossman, United States)
The Restaurant Man (Writer: Donald Boudreau, United States)


Hothat: Friendship Is Music (Directors: Ilajar Islam, Arafat Kazi – Bangladesh)
Psyops Free (Director: Minh Tuan Nguyen, United States)
Barry (Director: Lorenzo Sicuranza, Italy)
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain (Director: Far From Your Sun, France)
DISSOLVED (Writer: Jesus Gonzalez, United States)
Socio (Director: Hugo Cura, Spain)
Vanished (Director: Benjamin Suchman, United States)
The Lunatic (Director: Kasia Damulewicz, Poland)
The Bots Will Get It (Director: Adam P. Murphy, United States)
Skydancer (Director: Chris Fx, Italy)
Mind Talker (Director: Minh Tuan Nguyen, United States)
The Corner man (Director: Manoj Adhikari, India)
Take The Chocolate (Director: Dr Shahid Kamal, United Kingdom)
KAI (Directors: Mico Marz, Hollywood K – United States)
SPACE_LADY_SILVER_URBANCROW_SIGMA / Amnesia in SPACETIME (Director: Hiroaki Hirakata, Japan)
Love & Loathe (Director: Justin Tyler Durden, United States)
The First Thanksgiving (Director: Bree K. Jones, United States)
Baby Cam (Director: Dave Heron, United Kingdom)
Homohandikus (Directors: Michael Podgorac, Mikal Maldoror – Austria)
Inside Of Me (Director: Stephanie Greene, United States)
The poor song for a poor LITTLE KAIJU (Director: Hiroaki Hirakata, Japan)
Side Piece Agency (Director: Jennifer P. Jackson, United States)
Butterfly Cinema (Director: Ekramy Maher Bekhit, United States)